Changes of work obligations

Members should always contact and seek guidance from the union if any changes of work obligations are imminent or planned before such process is finalized. Every case should be reviewed and revised.

Here are the main rules governing changes of work obligations for members of the public sector.                

Change of work in the public sector 

Employee in the public sector, shall abide any changes in work or scope/segment of work. Significant changes shall be announced with the same time factor as applicable termination notice. Employee can choose to resign if she/he doesn't want to accept the relevant changes in hers/his work or scope/segment of work. Such declination shall be reported to applicable superior within a month of announcement. Any decrease in pay, rights or other remuneration shall not come in effect until after the duration of termination notice.

Members should keep in mind that even thou a listing into a certain job has a specific segment it can't be assumed that such job description will go unchanged in the long run. Rather it should be expected that some evolvement and/or maturation applies to most or all jobs. The position of the union on this matter is that applicable provisions should be applied with caution, interpretation shall be inhibited to general meaning of the text and the option should be chosen which has the least taxing effect for the employee. Ombudsman (Umboðsmaður Alþingis) is of the opinion that changes in work shall at least be in scope of the employee profession, specially regarding education.

If changes involve decrease in any remuneration of an employee then the right of objection shall be honored. If changed doesn't involve changes in remuneration there is no need to provide employee the opportunity to object. Same applies when overtime is decreased.

Additional details

Provisions on Changes of work obligations

All texts are in Icelandic and have not been translated by FÍN.