Vocational Training Fund & Career Development Center

FÍN members can participate in two funds of BHM, which support the progression of university-educated members with various education, courses and career development.

Vocational Training Fund allocates grants for additional education, courses and study trips. Career Development Center supports studies to improve and update qualifications. 

Vocational Training Fund of BHM

All members of BHM-unions can apply for allocations from the Vocational Training Fund. Members who have paid into the Vocational Training Fund for six consecutive months have the right to apply for allocations from the fund. Contributions to the fund totaling 660 ISK or less entitle members to half the allocations. The employer should pay into the vocational training fund on their employees' behalf. Self-employed members can pay directly into the fund. 

The maximum grant is 100.000 ISK every 24 months.

Expenses covered by the Vocational Training Fund

The fund allocates grants for conferences and courses that support the members job area of employment. Members of FÍN can apply for grants to cover travel expenses, hotel cost, conference fee or cost of courses. The same applies for phone cost due to distance learning up to 5.000 ISK per semester. Neither loss of salaries nor food costs are covered by the fund.

Further information can be found on Vocational Training Fund of BHM and Rules of allocation.

Career Development Center

Career Development Center of BHM vas established in January 2012 to support studies to improve and update qualifications. 

The purpose of Career Development Center

To promote the advancement of university-educated members of BHM who work with the state and the development of institutions through systematic career development. The center is intended to encourage organizations to support their employees in expanding and utilizing their knowledge, adding and / or renewing their education, and providing them with the opportunity to develop professional skills and thus maintain their value in the labor market.

Who can apply for a grant?

All FÍN members that are paid contributions to the Career Development Center can apply for grants.   

Further information can be found on Career Development Center and rules of allocation.