Vacation options

FÍN members have access to BHM's Vacation Fund.

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All FÍN members have access to BHM's Vacation Fund.

On the funds booking website are information on holiday homes and apartments in Iceland and abroad, discount vouchers for flights and accommodation, fishing tickets, fishing cards and golf cards.

You can review what is available and vacant without logging in but in order to book or buy it is necessary to log into the funds booking website.

Vacation Fund of BHM

BHM's Vacation Fund is open to all members of the Fund, most FÍN members are members of BHM's Vacation Fund.

BHM's vacation fund has a number of holiday homes and apartments all over the country that are in full-year rent, as well as in-flight discounts, with travel companies, for fishing and hotel accommodation. There are also apartments and holiday homes for rent abroad.

You can follow up with the BHM´s Vacation Magazine which is published annually.

Bookings and further information can be accessed on the booking website of BHM´s Vacation Fund

Members who have paid a lifetime pension to the BHM Holiday Fund when they start taking a pension can submit a receipt for payment at the FÍN office and request a refund of the fee if they meet the conditions set for the refund.

Hraun in Öxnadalur

There is a collaboration between FÍN, the Hraun Cultural Society in Öxnadal and the Writers' Union of Iceland that members of this association are prioritized in renting a scholar's apartment at Hraun in Öxnadal for a week at a low price. Members are asked to contact Hanna Rósa Sveinsdóttir on mobile number: 00354 898 2528 or send an application for a stay at